Waves – Track Review


From the creative hive that is Brighton emerges Yonaka, a four piece rock group with serious potential. Waves is the latest single to be revealed from the groups latest EP ‘Teach me to Fight’, following up their consistently ambitious debut EP ‘Heavy’, and continues to establish Yonaka’s unique sound of powerful bass lines, an incredible vocal range and dense production. A pulsating, Daft Punk esque electronic beat greets listeners before fading into the background, replaced by the insatiable catchy bass. Resident lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis is unleashed around the twenty second mark, with two snappy verses that are full of biting plosives and self aware lyrics, while remaining relatively restrained vocally. Soon after, the hook unveils her full dynamic range, contrasting the moody verses with a boisterous crescendo that reaches astrological heights, supported by anxious drums and the aforementioned swaggering bass. As a track, Waves is a groovy pop rock anthem with consistent mixing and colourful production choices that incorporates hip hop elements, but it’s so much more than that. In reality, it’s just another excuse to check out what may be Brighton’s hottest new band.

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