Where I’ve been and the Future of EscapeRoomRadio

As the year draws to a close, it becomes hard to not reflect on it. I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, so while 2018 still has a little over a week left in it, it seems appropriate to consider the future of this website/blog. I started EscapeRoomRadio around February, with the intention to marry my love of writing and music, and to ultimately gain a little experience. From that, my career has blossomed, and I know write music reviews and news for multiple paper and online magazines, Kore Asian Media, Buzz Entertainment and Quench, all three of which have diverted my enthusiasm from ERR. It became increasingly more difficult to motivate myself to write reviews for free when I was doing it all day for other websites, so this website ended up falling by the wayside.

But that brings us to now. I keep finding myself wanting to tell EVERYONE about a new band or artist I’ve listened to, and for some reason, I forgot that this was the original purpose of this blog. So, from this point, EscapeRoomRadio will be my platform to share all interesting underground and non mainstream artists that I feel like people need to know about. I’m going to stop writing about mainstream projects¬†just because I know it will get views and instead write about artists that I genuinely care and have an opinion on. Hopefully that’ll lead to better content!

Merry Christmas!

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