Track Review – 1999 Wildfire


Out of the metaphorical fires of their recent controversies, a new era of Brockhampton has emerged, marked just by several singles, the most recent of which being 1999 Wildfire. Trademark ethereal production and an insatiably catchy hook are almost all that links this new track to the previous songs of the Saturation trilogy, with ex-band member Ameer’s gravelly flow noticeably absent. Joining the traditional vocalists of the group, including Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Joba and Dom McLennon is Bearface, the Irish wildcard who has typically been reserved for more angelic tracks like Waste and Jesus. His boyish vocals flow well over the woodwind dominated beat, and Kevin’s own Andre 3000 esque delivery leaves Joba and Dom some breathing room to be lyrical, even if the former comes off slightly corny at times. However, the lack of Ameer’s edge and Merlyn Wood’s own animated performance combined with a tame Joba leaves the track feeling slightly homogenized.It’s an infectious track with a healthy amount of summer vibes that conclusively proves that Brockhampton possess a versatility that cynics previously questioned.

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