Track Review – Remember the Times

remember the timesss.PNG
Los Angeles has historically always been a hotbed for creative rappers. From super-groups like N.W.A and Odd Future, to strong solo artists such as Snoop Dogg and Childish Gambino, it has consistently spawned the hottest, game-changing music that has shaken up the industry. Money Posse Tyler is the latest act to emerge from the City of Angels, and his latest single ‘Remember the Times’ showcases his talent.
From a tone standpoint, the track is an amalgamation of angst driven Soundcloud rap and more sensual R&B, with moody production but a slower, more thoughtful flow. If you’re picturing the love child of the Weeknd and Lil Uzi Vert, you wouldn’t be far off in terms of the track’s sound. Tyler adopts his signature robotic vocal effect on the song, which is fast becoming a staple on his releases. There’s two things that separates this track from the wealth of young, sad-boy rappers that have surfaced in the last year. Firstly, Tyler’s flow avoids getting trapped within the constraints of triplets, instead taking a more traditional, R&B flavoured approach to his rap, delivered over Smokeasac’s concussive, synth heavy beat.
The second reason that Money Posse Tyler stands out from his peers, is well, his peers. Soundcloud giant ILOVEMAKONNEN lends the tracks some vocals, which gives it some variation, but more importantly his support. Having worked with industry legends such as Drake, Mikewillmadeit and Wiz Khalifa, MAKONNEN subsequently passes some of this credibility on to Tyler, which will massively increase his chances of success. The second set of guest vocals come from Teddy, which is perhaps the most powerful performance on the track, with his impressive use of vibrato throughout.
While Remember the Times may not reinvent the wheel, or take any significant creative risks, it’s well executed, catchy, and what people want to hear. Money Posse Tyler is one to keep an eye on in the future.

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