Track review – Nice for What


2018 is undoubtedly Drake’s year. Hot on the heels of his last number one hit God’s Plan, he’s released his next anthem, called Nice for What, a throwback to older projects like Thank Me Later. Produced by Murda Beatz, Drake raps over the sexy, smooth vocals of Lauryn Hill, explaining how he understands the hustle of women living in an age obsessed with technology. Ex-Factor is the perfect sample for cultivating that late 90’s R&B vibe that this song is based on, and will be an unexpected treat for Drake fans that have lost interest with the trap direction has music has moved towards in recent years. The numerous breakdowns and a relatable, feel good lyrical tone feels like the winning formula to a future club hit, and it pulls it off without coming off as calculated. Murda Beatz’ constant hi-hats and faint siren samples can feel a little irritating, but it’s a minor point that doesn’t particularly detract from the otherwise clean production.

At this point, it would be difficult for Drake not to release a single that doesn’t explode into the stratosphere of the Billboard charts. Nice for What is a feel good throwback that may not appeal to fans who were expecting a grimy trap banger, but it suggests that Drake’s upcoming album will have a little bit of everything for all of his fans.

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