Track Review – Campfire


Since his time as an XXL Freshman last year, Amine has been relentless with his releases, the latest of which is the single Campfire. Featuring Injury Reserve production and a Ritchie with a T verse, Campfire makes for a pleasant break from the realm of mumble rap and triplets that we’ve become accustomed to recently. Although there hasn’t been any announcement of a longer project to follow this release, it could indicate that Amine is getting close to revealing his sophomore album.

The first thing that many listeners will notice is the late 2000’s, R&B beat that Amine and Ritchie with a T’s verses flows over. Reminiscent of DJ Mustard produced hits, or older projects from Snoop Dogg or Sage and the Gemini, it’s a nostalgic throwback to a different, but relatively recent era of hip-hop, as are some of the lyrics on Amine’s first  (and only)verse, such as ‘swinging like they did the Harlem Shake’. Themes of the past continue throughout as the west coast rapper references his past track ‘Red Mercedes’, and his origins from Portland. Ritchie with a T brings Injury Reserve’s usual self aware, tongue in cheek humour in his verse, referencing Now! Compilations and Kidz Bop. His witty lyricism synergises with Amine’s humour well, and it’s a feature that feels well at home.  

This track is one massive, playful throwback to mid 2000’s R&B and hip hop, and is packed with witty lyrics and playful digs at other rappers. If you enjoyed this style of music when it was in the mainstream, or are simply looking for a respite from modern trap, put this single on. It’s won’t be for everyone, but Amine’s creativity has always separated him from his peers, regardless of the success it has brought.

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