Track Review – OKRA


Considering that he is perhaps one of, if not the most, versatile rappers in game currently, Tyler, The Creator has an incredible knack for remaining true to his sound, while changing just enough to keep it fresh and interesting. OKRA, his first track of 2018 and latest release since Flower Boy is a braggadocios, self labeled through-away track that brings the Odd Future era to a close. Despite this, Tyler’s relentless flow feels like a call back to much older songs in his discography like Transylvania and Domo 23, and is a perfect mix of nonchalant and aggressive that ends up dictating the mood of the track. For someone who ‘hates’ rapping, he is incredibly talented, and it really shows over the minimalist, piano driven beat. Where a lesser rapper may have failed without the protection of a more intricate beat to distract the listener, Tyler embraces this as an opportunity and it works, with no moments feeling forced or awkward.

The flip side to having a more spartan beat that showcases Tyler’s flow is that it sonically it isn’t very appealing. It has a similar sound to Flower Boy but besides that it is perhaps the only tell-tell sign that OKRA is a through-away single. On first examination I disliked the ego heavy lyrics and dismissed them, but upon multiple listens the depth is astonishing, addressing his sexuality, straight edge lifestyle and remaining rich with metaphors.

OKRA is a great reminder of why Tyler has experienced the most success out of his OFWGKTA peers and is a fun track to tide listeners over until his next full length release.

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