Track Review – Do Not Disturb

murda beatz

Less than a month after their latest collaboration, 123, Murda Beatz and Smokepurpp are back with Do Not Disturb, this time with Lil Yachty and Offset. Dropped Wednesday on Zane Lowes’ show Beats 1, the track is a great example of some of the best parts of modern trap. The bouncy synths and deep 808s have an ethereal quality that avoids becoming overly repetitive, and works with the snappy drums to bring out the best elements of Smokepurpp’s subdued flow. Out of the guest vocals, Offset’s stuttering flow easily outperforms Lil Yachty’s typical deadpan verse, and closes out the track. The lyrics offer little substance, with the trio describing their boats, cars, women and guns, but it comes with the territory of the genre.

As a whole, Do Not Disturb is a dark, energetic track that doesn’t try anything new or different, yet remains interesting by doing what it does really well.

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