Track review – Need a Little Time

Courtney Barnett’s style is evolving, and I love it. To say that Barnett’s rambling, country infused style isn’t present on her latest singles isn’t accurate, however it’s presence is much more muted, and outperformed by the grunge and indie rock flavoured elements. Unleashed on March 15th, Need a Little Time is the second single that has been released to tease her third studio album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, set to release late May this year.

Brooding and murky, the track opens with a couple of lines of Courtney’s signature deadpan singing, where she appears to sorrowfully address an unspecified lover. Her declaration that she ‘doesn’t know a lot about you’, and that they should take a break is a repeated theme throughout, which is a welcome structural change from some of her more rambling tracks. The delicately sung chorus that punctuates throughout breaks up the song further, and serves as an example of exactly why I’m anticipating her upcoming release to be her most mature and interesting release yet. Need a Little Time is an interesting and well executed alternative rock track that reaffirms Courtney Barnett’s position as one of the most talented artists in the genre at the moment.


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